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Behind the Curtain

The Team Behind Authentik Studios

Authentik Studios Hi-Res Logo.png
Authentik Studios is a gathering of the minds from the blockchain, entertainment, and manufacturing industries, who have come together to bring top-tier exclusive content and NFT technology to audiences around the world.
Through our personal experience navigating the emerging world of NFTs, we discovered that the space was lacking practical solutions to problems such as display capabilities, metadata security, and high barriers of entry into blockchain as a whole.
Given these experiences, we have made it our mission to provide solutions for both artists and consumers so that they can seamlessly interact with the NFT market and harness the technological advantages that NFTs provide.


Meet The Team

rudy rong photo.png

Rudy Rong



Charles Huang



Adam Herrin



Alison Wang



Ethan Rabinowitz


This venture combines elements of our CEO, Rudy Rong’s extensive experience in both the manufacturing and blockchain industries. Rudy’s success in his previous ventures landed him a spot in Forbes China’s 30 Under 30 list, which was accompanied by interviews with CNN, CBS, and 60 Minutes.
Charles Huang, our Chief Technology Officer, has expertise in the hardware, software, and crypto spaces. The final addition to the Authentik Studios team, Charles left his senior position at Apple to assist us in bringing our customers, clients, and users the best possible experience.
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