36" SILO™ Square Edition NFT Display

SILO™ brings your NFTs to life by allowing you to show off your collections on a high-definition 43" display from the comfort of your home. Access your entire NFT gallery & enjoy un-paralleled 4K resolution with high-fidelity audio. Connect to your NFT wallet with ease via the SILO™ App and enjoy a lossless NFT experience.

36" SILO™ Square Edition NFT Display

  • From deepest blacks to vivid colors, SILO’s Breathtaking 4K Display features High Dynamic Range and an ultra wide view design.

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Seamlessly connect SILO to your NFT wallet and rotate through your collections with Digital Auto Play via our SILO App. Connect your SILO device to the SILO App for full control of your display, with features such as playlist, brightness/volume control, and time settings

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